This young and dynamic Orient Skyline Travel is founded by a travelling passionate couple; one is a destination and product expert while the other is an expert in tailoring tours and itineraries with unique touches. After almost twenty years working in the tourism industry in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Thailand, traveling extensively and discovering intriguing destinations in the region, they set up Orient Skyline Travel to fulfill their dream passion wanting to share with you their in-depth destination knowledge and experience in designing unique travel itineraries which help you, their customers to discover the most beautiful destinations with unknown stories at the new horizon and bringing you to the fascinating cultures which make Southeast Asia a mysterious land to discover.



Orient Skyline Travel offers a wide range of tours, from classic and cultural excursions, short breaks for relaxation on the beach to unique and off the beaten track journeys which certainly are assured to meet all your specific and personal travel needs. We focus on creating opportunities for local contact, which allows our guests to discover the destinations in depth by discovering local culture and encountering local life in the destination visited. We also prioritize personal touches at every stage of your trip, which makes your adventure more unique and unforgettable.




Our burning desire to share our travel passion and inspirational traveling stories: We believe travel can change life and one’s life will become better via traveling to discover the new and exciting destinations. We are passionate in sharing with our customers that burning passion bringing them to discover those exciting destinations.

Authentic local travel experience: As traveling means discovering the unknown in the new horizon, visiting the new and enthralling destinations with fascinating cultures and enchanting enjoyments, Orient Skyline Travel takes it, at heart, their mission to ensure all customers a fantastic holiday with unique and unforgettable travel experience.

We have in-depth experience: Our 20 years of on-field experience and our broad destination knowledge allowing us to provide our guests with most accurate advices and most valuable recommendations and fascinating suggestions on where to go and discover, what to see and enjoy. No matter what type your designated holiday is a short cultural excursion or along hall travel, who you are with, your friends or beloved family ones, Orient Skyline Travel is always there for you with an expert proposal.

Simple and flexible booking process: Being a young and dynamic team, we constantly strive to remove stress away from you in booking process with us. All you need to do is giving us a few minutes sending us your intended travel date, time and your special interests and we will take care of the rest. This promises you a stress free holiday with us.

Customer service is our ethic: We are providing extensive and swift assistance at any stage of your designated holiday, from the moment you receive your travel document till the minute you depart the destination. We provide 24/7 hotline for emergency assistance that will reassure you a silky smooth holiday with us.

We are reliable travel firm: Orient Skyline Travel is registered and fully licensed and working under the legal supervision of the Vietnamese Law on Tourism. This is critically important to you as our service consumers; this proves Orient Skyline Travel a trustworthy travel firm and stands apart from the other non-registered and non-licensed ones.