Trang Tran

After having Master degree in tourism in France, Trang started her career in some of reputable travel companies in Vietnam and had in-depth experience working in the tour operation sector for 13 years before setting up Orient Skyline Travel on her own. Trang is passionate about discovering new horizons, eager to create new authentic products and dedicated to customer service quality. Guests will be guaranteed with quality service, authentic travel programs and unique experiences while traveling with Orient Skyline Travel.

Huyen Tran
Operation manager

Huyen has more than 7 years of experience in tourism. She likes interacting with customers and also travel arrangements to ensure the smooth journey of customers. He also enjoys analyzing customer’s feedback and comments to see whether any area he could improve or offer customers more. At the end of every day, what makes Huyen happy, gives her energy and passion is customer’s good feedbacks.

Thao Dang
Wedding planner

My name is Thao, I am a wedding planner. In last five years I’ve helped planning hundred of destination weddings in Vietnam for foreign brides and grooms, making their day a memorable and in-style event is my burning passion. I am very happy to see the moments the couples walking toward onto the stage in the blissful hand-claps from their beloved family and friends, those always imprinting in my heart. For me, those moments are the most precious award and wonderful joy I get in my career!