Trang Tran

After having Master degree in tourism in France, Trang started her career in some of reputable travel companies in Vietnam and had in-depth experience working in the tour operation sector for 13 years before setting up Orient Skyline Travel on her own. Trang is passionate about discovering new horizons, eager to create new authentic products and dedicated to customer service quality. Guests will be guaranteed with quality service, authentic travel programs and unique experiences while traveling with Orient Skyline Travel.

Anh Nguyen
Logistics and Customer Service Manager

Anh has more than 10 years of experience in tourism. He likes interacting with customers and also travel arrangements to ensure the smooth journey of customers. He also enjoys analyzing customer’s feedback and comments to see whether any area he could improve or offer customers more. At the end of every day, what makes Anh happy, gives him energy and passion is customer’s good feedbacks.

Hang Trinh
Sales manager

Hang graduated from the decent University of Commerce but her travel lush made her bump into this tourism sector 7 years ago. She speaks both French and English. Passionate about traveling through new horizons, she would like to share with you her passion and insightful knowledge about Vietnam.

Giang Ha
Travel consultant

Being a gentle, attentive woman, Giang likes this profession of travel advisor, the job allows her to discover the psychology of customers, their needs. The last but not the least: she enjoys the beautiful landscapes of the fascinating destinations in Indochina and Thailand.

Huyen Tran
Travel consultant

Young and dynamic, Huyen loves this job and puts much dedication into whatever she prepares for customers. She enjoys opportunities to craft itineraries making them more unique ones to offer customers and preparing a nice travel quote.